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Well if we are talking about lost kids that don't have godly preants... as a missionary (now SAHM and wife to a missionary) with Child Evangelism Fellowship I must say you (the church) must go to the kids. It's not good enough to teach sunday school classes of kids "About" Jesus. You MUST share the Gospel with them! Most of our churches teach Bible stories to children... which obviously I have no issues with... but I bet the reason these kids end up leaving is because they never became Christians! As someone who taught kids sunday school for a long time I can tell you most of the curriculum DOES NOT share the gospel... or it does once every 5 weeks or something like that. That isn't good enough! You can't expect kids to stay in church if they never accepted Christ as their personal Savior. For kids outside of the church? Go to where they are. Schools (yes you can do it, visit community centers, parks, wherever kids are and tell them why Jesus came.Kids should know Bible Stories but if they don't know the Gospel then they can't be saved and won't stay in church.
Heck yeah this is exactly what I neeedd.
Dennis O'Neill
The Living Gospel is praising and thanking the Lord for the new siding and insulation of the church building. Mike\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s All Season Siding did a great job! We are grateful.
Regina Garrell- New Life Fellowship
I have available, for free, kitchen appliances for a church or individual. Large refrigerator, wall oven, cook top, micro wave, and light fixtures can be picked up from my home. Call 973-605-8705 Leave your name a number clearly.
Ellis Simon - New Life Fellowship
For good plays/skits etc You may go to or call Contemporary Drama service 800-937-5297 to order whole playkits or preview copies. Rush ordering (2 days) also available.
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